Coming soon the NEW META-Health book by Sam Thorpe – ‘META-Messages From Your Body, understand the cause of disease and know why your body doesn’t make a mistake’.

I believe that once you know why you are ill, you will have the power to change your health forever.

With the help of this book you will understand exactly why you have your specific physical or psychological illness and not only that, you will have the answers to some of the life long issues that have been holding you back.

How does stress affect your life?

Stress has long been recognised as a major contributor to physical and psychological illness. Traumatic life events and stressful situations can accumulate and have an affect on our vital life force – our energy, and lower our threshold and ability to maintain a healthy, happy life.

Do you know what is making you ill?

If you are stressed at work, at home or just unhappy with your current life situation, if you cannot let go of this energy on a regular basis you will start to embody it in the form of illness and dis-ease. The body will make specific adaptations to cope with trauma, unhappiness and the range of emotions such as fear, anger, worry and anxiety.

What would it mean to you to understand the cause of illness and dis-ease?

Using the advanced diagnostic tools of META-Health, we can help you to identify the specific traumatic events, memories and thoughts that keep an illness in place and prevent you from experiencing full health and wellbeing.

Using powerful energy therapies we can guide you to change the hold that those past events have over you in the present day, leaving you free to plan and create a new and empowered life.


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