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Welcome to IntoAlignment

Understand Your Healing Intelligence and Become the Master of Your Health

At IntoAlignment we specialise in the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind.
We can help you to relieve your physical, mental and emotional symptoms and cultivate your healing intelligence to have a more direct and lasting impact on your health.

Conscious Health Practice™ Definition and our Mission at IntoAlignment

Conscious Health Practice™ is the conscious awareness of the body’s intelligent response to stress and our ability to influence and self-regulate our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Therefore, IntoAlignment's mission is to empower every individual with the skills and knowledge to understand and positively impact their health and wellbeing.

We help you to understand how amazing you really are! Not in a fluffy ‘you need to love yourself’ way (although this can be a side effect of understanding the science of your survival intelligence), but in a practical and evidential way. We use the latest cutting edge research and understanding of stress, trauma and healing to help you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

Using our proven 7 step programme 7 Steps to Conscious Health™ you will be able to understand exactly what is going on and what to do to resolve symptoms and cultivate your innate healing abilities. With our specialist Heart Alignment Process™ we will show you how to work with your PARTS. These PARTS of you that are holding onto old programmes and strategies and incomplete events can finally be re-connected, re-integrated and re-aligned with your life's goals and purpose.

You are more amazing that you have every realised! We can promise you that when you truly make sense of your symptoms and behaviour you will appreciate how skillfully you have been managing your stress and adapting to survival issues. You will finally be able to control and release old patterns and transform your stress and discomfort into health and healing.

Consultant and coach Sam Thorpe is excited to be able to bring together years of experience and practice to offer the revolutionary personal breakthrough programme 7 Steps to Conscious Health™ which includes the powerful stress and trauma relief techniques Heart Alignment Process™. Take the course for personal development and go on to become a Conscious Health Coach yourself to help others.

When you can see for yourself that the body doesn’t make mistakes you can work out how you have been adapting and creating intelligent biological programmes and sophisticated behavioural strategies. You will know exactly what to do (or stop doing) to facilitate your return to health.

You will be in control of your health and happiness!

For an introduction to Conscious Health Practice™ watch this webinar and begin your journey to better health!